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Blackberry Obama didn’t know about the Tea Parties

April 17, 2009

When asked about the Tea Parties across the country, Barak Obam said he… “hadn’t heard about them. Didn’t know about them.” These photos are from the Dayton Tea Party. How could he say he didn’t know about them with all the technology he has at his fingertips? How could you miss the largest conservative public appearance in the history of the United States?

Dayton Tea Party 049

So what did Blackberry Obama know, and when did he know it? Did he not hear Rick Santelli, the famous CNBC announcer from the trading pits when he called for a Tea Party to protest Obama’s plan to bail out all the deliquent homeowners on nationwide television? He is either living in a cave, or is not being truthful. 

In my view, this part of the plan by the vast left wing conspiracy to quiet the grandpas and grandmas who for the first time ever, have come out to express their ideas, in public at a protest rally.
Dayton Tea Party Fair Tax

We are speaking to you Mr. President. Can you hear us? What else can we do?

Dayton Tea Party 158

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