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North Korea: The World’s Bratty Child

June 6, 2009

Last week Kim Jong Il decided to show off a little for the world with the testing of a nuclear weapon and a few long range missiles. It was a show to try and intimidate the UN security council into apologizing for condemning its April 5 launch of a rocket to test its long-range missile technology. In my opinion, another temper tantrum by a child who simply just wants attention, and possibly food and clean water for its citizens. But again, Obama said very little, of course he “strongly condemned” the tests along with the UN. But with this and everything else going on in the world, words seem to carry very little water.

Obama’s statement on North Korea’s tests:

President Obama wants to not only “limit” North Korea’s nuclear technology, but is actually considering destroying the number of nuclear weapons we have, as well as talking with Russia to go along with this crack pot plan. Ok I get it, we have so many nukes we could destroy the world 50 times over. But that’s good, for us. A “robust international non-proliferation regime” still wouldn’t involve North Korea or Iran. And if it did, does President Obama believe they’d follow those rules? Especially since they follow the United Nations “rules” so well. The striking thing to me is the fact that Obama wants nuclear disarmament for North Korea, yet is willing to allow Iran to become a nuclear nation. Of course, only for energy purposes. But my feeling is, once a rogue nation, always a rogue nation. Obama is clearly off his rocker on this subject. This is the official stance from the White website:

We have pledged to work with our partners to achieve the denuclearization of North Korea through the Six-Party process. And we will present a clear choice to Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations, including its right to peaceful nuclear energy, or continue to refuse to meet its international obligations and fail to seize the opportunity of a positive future.

North Korea has had a long history of using its nuclear ambitions to gain what it wants, no different than a 3 year old child throwing a fit because he wants more ice cream. At first, the parents might be able to ignore it, but as the child escalates its terrible behavior at some point the parent must intervene and stop the behavior. Whether that’s a little swat to the behind or a time out. But we know what doesn’t work is giving the child more ice cream, because next time there’s ice cream, the child will repeat the behavior because he knows it works. No different than Kim Jong Il, he throws his tantrum all the time and the UN and US keep giving him what he wants. There isn’t a negative consequence to his actions. A stern warning doesn’t work with a 3 year old unless he knows what the consequence is, by experiencing it.

The solution to the North Korean problem is we need to take very specific action and follow through with it. They get a warning, ONE warning, “You’re going to disarm, and end your nuclear program or else..” In my opinion, the “or else” would include strategic bombing of vital sites in North Korea. In a sense, “You want bombs? Here ya go!”. Sure we would need to get this position cleared with the countries in the region who would surely feel the wrath of the monstrous fit Kim Jong Il would throw, but when you combine our military might with that of South Korea, Japan, and China, it would be a quick win/win for all. Now I could be wrong and it could be the wrong way to go about it, especially since I’m not an expert at Asian Foreign Policy, but I can clearly tell you that what the UN and the Obama administration are doing is nothing short of enabling a bratty child.

The UN can pass resolution after resolution to try and “scold” North Korea into compliance, but unless there’s actual consequences to its defiance, we’re going to keep getting the same result. Insanity? Yes. Do you think Kim Jong Il lies awake at night worrying about anything? I’d be willing to put a years salary on it that he doesn’t. He laughs at the United States and the United Nations just as a child who mocks his parents by saying, “You think this is punishment?”

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