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Jobs!! Jobs. Jobs?!?

October 21, 2009

Remember when President Obama said that he will be saving and/or creating 80 billion jobs? Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit, but he did say the $787 Billion stimulus package passed in February would be creating 3.5 million jobs and unemployment would top out at 8%. Oh the good old days! Oh, oh! Remember when Obama said, benefits of the plan would “accelerate greatly throughout the summer and the fall.” Well lets take a look at this, its mid-October and we’re sitting 9.8% unemployment and that number has really been calculated at roughly 16% if you include part-time employees who want to be full-time and the unemployed who have given up looking. And most forecasters are expecting unemployment to rise past 10%. So, where are the jobs?

Well if you’re in the infrastructure business, you’re in luck! If you can make roads and fix bridges, then the government has a (short-term) job for you! But if you happen to work in a major metropolitan area, like Chicago, you’re probably out of a job or you’re looking at severe furloughs. If you’re a teacher in Hawaii, you’re looking at a 4 day work week starting next week. States and county governments all across our country are cutting jobs as quickly as words fall out of President Obama’s mouth. Remember when Obama said that 600,000 jobs were created or saved this summer, but instead over a million were lost? Remember when Joe Biden said, “We miscalculated how bad the economy was”? Oh and we can’t forget that the Democrats in congress are talking about a SECOND stimulus package to, you know, create more jobs.

Of course, anyone who has a taken even a high school level economics class can tell you people are going to keep losing jobs when the government is taxing the hell out of small businesses and the wealthy. Why? Those are the people who are providing jobs for Americans, those are the people with the means to provide a place for employment. When the government starts taking more of their money, they, like everyone else who’s short on money, need to start making some cuts. Well they’re going to start cutting back on trivial things, but eventually they’ll get to the point where the trivial, ie: office supplies, lunch at meetings, etc, isn’t enough to make ends meet, they then start cutting their workforce, either by hours or by people. Either way, the average worker loses. When they lose their job, they lose their health insurance, their homes, their cars, and the only option is for them to go to the government until they can get on their feet again. So natuarally one can see why jobs in the federal sector are on the rise, they need more bureaucrats and the like to manage all the “businesses” the government needs to run in order to provide for the people that they’re putting out of work.

Now if you’re looking for a job, like so many Americans are, don’t worry, Obama is going to be saving or creating 3.5 million jobs. It may take until 2010, but if the ONE has said it, it must be true, right? Not so much. If this Administration doesn’t get on the ball with the creation of REAL jobs, not temporary road construction jobs and seasonal work, there’s going to be a whole workforce out there, a majority of them voted for Obama, with nothing but time on their hands, and what do people do when they have time on their hands? They read and watch television, eventually they’re going to put the pieces together and get angry like the rest of us, and honestly, I hope I see that happening. Instead of trying to push Obamacare through congress, accepting unearned peace prizes, and making 3 speeches a week to raise money for the DNC, perhaps Obama and congress can spend a little more time worrying about the REAL Americans out there that are hurting and looking for work. After all, the American economy is in shambles and the dollar is close to extinct, but apparently that’s not really an issue. The only way to make sure this country stays great is to support the American worker that has made it so. Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is making sure we are not great and its becoming quite clear, they do not care about jobs for the American people, just as long as there are a few businesses still open for looting.

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