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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of a Blood Test: Health Care is Not a Right

November 3, 2009
health care is not a right

I remember talking to a friend, shortly before the 2008 presidential election. She shockingly told me she planned to vote for Barack Obama. “Why?” I asked. I’ve known this person for years and she has always been pretty conservative on a majority of issues; why on earth could she possibly want to vote for the man who would become the most radical, left-wing president this country has ever seen?

Her response? “Health care. I’m tired of paying so much for my kids’ health insurance. No one seems to understand that we have a right to health care and it’s being taken away from us.” I wasn’t sure whether I wanted laugh in her face or re-read the Declaration of Independence and make sure I hadn’t missed the part that promised free medication and surgery for all, but I digress. 

The truth of the matter is, health care is not a right. And it’s as simple as going back to the Declaration of Independence and reading the line about our right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” The pursuit of happiness. What does that mean? It means that every individual who is an American citizen, was created equal and has the right to pursue what will make their life better, whether it be education, health care, or a trip to the mall to buy a new purse.

True, many modern politicians want to pervert that right by providing more for their constituents, whether it be in the form of health care or some other type of handout. Some do it for their own pockets, some do it to stay in power and some do it because they are simply afraid to deny health care to a sick person, because on the surface, that makes them look pretty despicable. But the fact of the matter is, that by forcing a government-run health care plan on people, the government is hindering our rights, instead of providing them.

In order for us to pursue our own happiness (so long as we’re not taking away the rights, life and liberties of others), no option in any circumstance should be made off-limits. If government is controlling our health care system, there is suddenly a huge list of do’s and don’t’s. Doctors are limited, patients are limited and our opportunity to pursue much of anything is taken away. Congress is not made up of health care and business experts, so why in the world would we ever give them the power to control our medical future? In the most sensitive time of life or death for you and your family, do you really want a group of mostly corrupt, greedy public officials whose, for the most part, medical expertise doesn’t go beyond dissecting a frog in their high school biology class, making your decisions for you?

And look at the costs of what Congress has proposed. Let’s face it, the government isn’t sitting around with dollar bills hanging out of their wallets, looking for something to spend it on. That money is going to come from your hard-earned paycheck, putting even more restrictions on your life.

Many will say that this is an over-simplified argument. Simple as it may be, it trumps every other single argument anyone tries to make. Our country was built on a few simple rules and this entire health care debate that has been going on, not just this year, but for dozens of years before, focuses on taking that away. We didn’t become the best, strongest, richest and most powerful nation by limiting ourselves, why should we start now?

There are ways to use our Founding Father-given rights, rights “endowed by [our] Creator,” to build the best damn health care system in the world, but the first thing we have to do is take government out of it and let the free markets take over. I’ve never been a big Ron Paul fan, but I think he says it better than any other politician I’ve seen in recent months and not shockingly,  he is an actual medical doctor:

“I want everybody to have maximum care at the best price and that’s why I want the government out of it completely. There is no authority for the government to be in medicine…if you want good health are at the best rate, at the cheapest price possible, you have to have a market phenomenon. [Democrats] base it on a false assumption of understanding of human rights and personal liberty. They say you have a right to it. Well, I dont have a right to medical care, I dont have a right to a job, I don’t have a right to an automobile, I dont have a right to a house. I have a right to my life and my liberty and to keep the fruits of my labor. That’s where you get production and that’s where you have the best distribution and the wealthiest situation in the world: the market.”

Personally, I don’t exactly know how to improve our health care system. I’ve talked to my doctor, I’ve talked to friends and relatives who are doctors and I have some general ideas. I’m not a health care expert and I’m not a business expert. But I am an American citizen who believes in the principle on which this country was founded. I believe in the free market and I believe in taking big government out of our lives and our hospitals, and letting competition prevail as it has for decades.

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  1. November 20, 2009 10:27 pm

    This points out exactly the misleading the REgressives have done to this country. The first thing Free health care is neither free or good. I really don’t know how this country got so off track and can’t figure out were the governments money comes from. My god is the public school system that broke that people don’t realize the free money comes from us the people.
    I don’t think a single person that supports this has read the part of the bill that defines the taxes and the same people have no understanding that they will pay dearly for it.
    The truth of the matter is it will not bring every up to a better level of healthcare, instead it will drag the majority down. If some doctors don’t reject the system and go to cash only, you will not even be allowed to pay for services unless approved by the government. Hence a young boy in Norway died because several doctors and hospitals refused an xray after the mother informed them he swallowed a battery. This is what we are in for no RIGHT to question your care and pay for it. Right now if I got the cash I can get an xray, soon the government will say oh your wasting resources, go home and DIE. Now thats compassion!
    The article is also right in there is no guaranteed right to healthcare. This is the guilt factor the regressives love to spew, and you should never allow it to go any further.

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