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Obama’s immigration crackdown?

November 11, 2009

8544777-847x567In case you missed it, which you probably have since there are bigger things happening in the news, the Obama Administration is cracking down on immigration. The news broke last week that a maintenance company in Minneapolis, ABM, had fired 1,200 illegal workers after the feds started to audit their company. The Administration is now going after more businesses across the country who hire illegal workers and laying the law down. I’m sure you’re thinking, “FINALLY! They’re doing something about all the illegal workers in this country.” But you’d be wrong.

Those 1,200 illegal workers that were fired from that Minnesota company weren’t taken into custody, they weren’t deported, they were allowed to leave and return to their homes, IN MINNESOTA!! The company from which they were fired is still under investigation and will more than likely be slapped with a fine or some sort of penalty.

If you remember the Swift meatpacking plant raid last year, you’ll recall that agents rushed in, all the illegal workers at that company were rounded up and put on buses and within a few weeks, were out of the country and back in Mexico. With the firing of the 1,200 illegal immigrants from ABM last week, the rules are different. The investigation started in June of this year, employees without proper documentation were give 30 days to get their paperwork in order. Then the union was given a 3 month extension, which ended in October. About 10 of the employees that would be fired actually qualify for a “U-Visa”, visas given to victims of criminal activity, everyone else is still undocumented and have no way to stay in the country legally.

There is still no word on what is happening to the 1,200 illegal immigrants who have been fired. As far as I can tell, they’re still in the country, and still in Minnesota, still in their homes and now, unemployed. That’s only 1,200 people, from one company, in one city, in one state. There are 600 other businesses being audited by immigration agents across the country. What is the Obama Administration’s plan for all the others? If they’re not going to be deported, they’re going to find work at another place that’s willing to hire undocumented workers. I honestly can say, I liked the tactics used at the Swift Meatpacking plant better, raid, gather, deport, done. Unfortunately, common sense and the Obama Administration don’t get along.

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