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The Tea Party Caucus? I’m going to pass, but you guys have fun!

July 20, 2010

I think I understand what MN Rep. Michelle Bachmann is trying to do. I just can’t say that I fully agree with it. I love Michelle Bachmann like one loves their mother, she’s great, 90% of the time, but if she’d only shut up when she meets your boyfriend, that would be swell! My problem isn’t really with the Tea Party Caucus, itself, it’s with all these tea party impostors trying to “lead”.

When the tea parties first started things were rough. Really rough. But through the use (overuse, perhaps.) of social media, everyone got their groups together, organized their protests and some people even made a few bucks. But then it became about power. There were and still are, factions within the tea party movement that are trying to run the show. This movement was never really intended to have a leader, per se. We are the leaders, you know, we the people?

I know, the caucus isn’t like The Tea Party Express, but it adds an extra element of association that people may not have asked for. We made decisions before Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann came along. We were the ones spending hours making our signs, making phone calls and sending out emails asking how we could help. Not that I don’t appreciate what these women (and men) have done to bring a small sense of legitimacy to the group, but reality is, Americans are angry at the establishment. That includes people like Bachmann, Mike Pence and Pete Sessions. I’m not sure what the motive is for them, is it intended to bring more “protection” to its members by having the assumed Tea Party support or do they all really believe in the principles that founded the tea party movement and plan to uphold them?

I’d like to believe the latter, unfortunately, my cynical self is a bit more skeptical. They know there’s a big push to vote out all incumbents in November and while not all their heads are on the block, this midterm election matters, big time and they know it! One false move could easily put the power back in the hands of democrats. (Although, I REEEEEEAALLY doubt that will happen, have you seen the foot-in-mouth crap going on? Wow….C’mon liberals. Oh…I think I just felt something….I think they call it…pity.)

We’ll see how this all works out, but for me, this is one more thing to add to my “reasons to avoid the tea party” list. I love you guys, and love what we’ve done, but this? No thanks, it’s too counter-intuitive for me to support.

Yeah…what Eric Cantor said.

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