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Behar, The Political View Bitch

October 27, 2010

Joy BiatchDaytime television has become too political, biased and unprofessional. Take ‘The View’ for example, the View caters to stay at home moms. Those moms are now expressing outrage and frustration at the “sexist”  loudmouth liberal words of Joy Behar. She is one of the show’s worst co-hosts of all times. Behar is actually damaging the show and Barbara Walters, the shows main host, is unable or unwilling to do anything about it.

When co-host Sherri Shepherd tried to move on by saying she would pray for Angle, Behar made it clear she was not. “I am not praying for her. I’m telling you right now. She’s going to Hell … She’s going to Hell, this b-i-t-c-h.” This isn’t the first time Behar has dropped the b-word on a conservative woman. But that’s not the point, Behar is trying to influence women voters in the upcoming election. I think her message has backfired, many prominent women agree.  This includes feminist Amy Siskind; Conservatives Sonja Brown and Michelle Malkin; and minority mom Joni Hudson-Reynolds.

Amy Siskind, president of the feminist group The New Agenda, told The Daily Caller she was appalled by Behar’s language calling it sexist and insulting. “I think the remarks are completely and utterly unacceptable and I think she should — by tomorrow — be on the air with an apology to Sharron Angle and to the women of this country,” Siskind said. “The ‘b-word’ has no place in our national dialogue, and especially when she was using it in a very pointed way here to demean another woman. …if she cannot apologize I think The View should really consider whether she is appropriate for that kind of show.”

Here is Amy’s blog post calling for Joy to make a public, on-air apology.

Sonja Eddings Brown, the president of a conservative women’s group, The Kitchen Cabinet, had this to say, “We thought Joy Behar was a classier act than this. What is it that makes conservative women, who work inside and outside of the home, such a threat to liberal women like Joy? What has Sharron Angle done to deserve being described so profanely by Ms. Behar?”

Michelle Malkin said on her blog, “I’m already a member of the club. So is Sarah Palin. And so is Michele Bachmann.”

Joni Hudson-Reynolds, in her blog, politics from the eyes of an ebony mom, scolded Behar for her words “Behar should be reprimanded for her outburst,” Hudson-Reynolds wrote. “She has a right to disagree with the positions Angle takes on the issues but calling her a bitch crosses the line that too many people are crossing.”

The View now is now just an uncontrollable, excessively emotional, liberal female hosted show whose outbursts are often at odds with the opinions of many of the moms who are watching. Want more proof?

Here are some comments from some stay-at-home moms…

“No other individual personifies progressive hatred more than her. Trust me when I say, the majority of thinking Americans don’t watch this crap. Their core audience consists of gay men and housewives who also watch soaps. I know of no one that watches The View nor anyone that likes Joy. She does more for the right than she dares to admit.”

“Joy Behar’s parents must be sooooo proud of their little bundle on HATE. She’s stating what liberals believe about conservatives.”

“How does that putrid hate filled show even stay on the air? Those women make my skin crawl, and Joy Behar makes me feel like I need to bathe.”

“Poor Joy is trying so hard to be edgy and cool. It just falls so flat that all it accomplishes is making her look foolish, pathetic and trying too hard.”

“Can’t say anything about Muslims, but you can tell a fellow American to go to hell.. ”

Suggested reading:  There is no Free Speech at NPR
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