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The Soup Nazi’s at NPR

November 18, 2010

At NPR everyone must fall in line or ‘no soup for you’. This funny Sienfeld skit is a parody on NPR. The problem with the soup Nazi is that people have to say the correct thing and not cross him or you get none of his delicious soup.

Just like what happened to George in the skit, Juan Williams crossed NPR Soup boss Vivian Schiller. Juan was asked to leave immediately just as the soup Nazi asked George to leave. NPR isn’t interested in hearing all sides of the issue despite have a show called “All Things Considered.” They need to change the show to “Not All Things Considered” as the idea was brought up in Media Absurdity blog.

The parody fails when considering “Quality.” The soup Nazi’s soup was excellent. He had people lined up around the block waiting for his soup. NPR on the other hand wouldn’t survive without the charity handed out by the US government. If NPR made soup, it also would have to be subsidized.

I make the Nazi comparison due to comments made by Fox News Boss Roger Ailes:

“A guy who gets fired and humiliated in the press can lose a lot of confidence,” Ailes says. Calling Williams “a pure liberal,” Ailes says he wanted to compensate the pundit for his losses because he was “mad” and “I didn’t want him to have to call his wife and say we lost money.”

Then he turned his sights on NPR executives.

“They are, of course, Nazis. They have a kind of Nazi attitude. They are the left wing of Nazism. These guys don’t want any other point of view. They don’t even feel guilty using tax dollars to spout their propaganda. They are basically Air America with government funding to keep them alive.”

The source of these quotes are from Howard Kurtz of the Daily Beast

I am critical of the US taxpayer being burdened by a liberal news source that is so biased that they will not allow anyone with a conservative voice speak. If Fox news was subsided, would they be allowed to expel liberal voices? I think not.

NPRs loss is Fox News gain. Yes, liberals, like Juan Williams, are allowed to speak their minds on Fox news. And Fox News makes delicious soup because they use ingredients from all political contributors.

NPR soup is watered down broth, without salt, flavor or diverse ingredients. I have also had the soup over at MSNBC and it is just as bad. I think they have the same recipe as NPR.

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  1. November 18, 2010 5:00 pm

    I agree, the US taxpayer should not be paying for NPR or PBS for that matter.

  2. November 18, 2010 5:44 pm

    This just in minutes ago: House Rejects Bill to Defund NPR

    Bad new for the taxpayer, more wasteful spending on public radio.

    “Barely two weeks after an historic election, House Democrats demonstrated today that they are still not ready to listen,” Eric Cantor said. “News organizations are free to do, say and operate on their own terms, but that doesn’t mean that taxpayers should be forced to fund them.”

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