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Pharmacrats Don’t Cure Anything

January 4, 2011

Some democrats and pharma companies have one thing in common, they only want to treat symptoms and not cure the disease. Pharmacrats are democrats (and some rinos) who are more interested in empire building than curing social-economic illnesses.

The customer base of the far left pharmacrat is the poor, uneducated and the sick. As long as there are people surviving on public money, pharmacrats have a customers. Pharmacrats need the sick, the undereducated and the poor to keep themselves healthy. Without the poor, the downtroden, pharmacrats essentially have no customer base. Pharmacrats want more poor, so they make more poor with more dependence on public money. The poor are made to feel at home with the money pharmacrats dispense. All they have to do is increase the dose and the poor feel better.

“Oh, you had another child, here’s another $20k in benefits. Feel better now?”

Like pharmaceutical companies who need people needing medicine, pharmacrats need people who think they need money because they have been brainwashed into thinking that they can’t work. It’s not about curing the problem, it’s about keeping a base.

Pharmacrats want everyone to believe that what they want is for good, that they are helping. They’re not helping. In reality, like a drug, the money pharmacrats hand out in ever larger doses is something many become totally dependent upon. More money, free groceries, free rent, free clothes, free everything. Who would want to trade in free, for work?

We must continue to break the generational habit of being dependent on drugs and pharmacrat money.

Take a good look at 50 years of pharmacrat rule. Look at a generation of lives ruined, now look at the next generation. It’s not getting better at all, it’s getting worse.

…They start off with good intentions, but they don’t factor in the unintended consequences.
…they entitle others to your money.
…the problem with pharmacrats is that they know so much that isn’t so (thank’s Ronald Reagan)
…create generations of families to never hold a taxable job which means they never pay into school systems, city, roads, nothing, ever.

Now look at the responsibility, faith and self healing instilled by our conservative fathers and forefathers.

The first step in curing American is rewarding true positives – in our schools, in our movies, in our books, our games and in our social networks. And that is starting to happen. In colleges across America, for the first time in years, college campuses are seeing conservative student movements. Saying Merry Christmas is coming back in vogue. Conservatives are being elected into power. The tea party movement has reached down and made speak for the first time millions of moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas, and uncles and aunts.

America is indeed speaking against dependency in a big way. I believe there can be another new dawning in America. And an end to the reign of pharmacrats.

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