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Homeschooling Scares the Hell out of Teacher Unions

May 31, 2011

Homeschoolers scare me. I feel the vast majority I’ve met, have been socially awkward. – SPeace

I know all about home schooling first hand. I also know what a lifetime of ruin children suffer due to a lack of a proper education. Parents generally are not qualified to teach even if they have a hs diploma or equal, yet that is all it takes to home school. And home school parents get money from the state, money that could go to the public schools to help everyone and not just one child.

The unions help keep the teaching profession respectable and fair. Unions balance negotiations with superintendents and school boards. Without unions, teachers are at risk losing money, benefits and perhaps even their job.

…homeschoolers …often hurt their own children’s future because their kids are not properly prepared for post secondary school. Parents who home school saddle their children with a weird stigma that lasts their whole life through….-OEA Source

Excellent Rebuttal from M.O. M.

I am a mom of 5 which to some would be a large family.
I believe in God and study His word everyday & to some this may make me a religious fanatic.
I homeschool 2 of my children and the other 3 attend school.
I’ve given my children the choice on which they prefer to do. I will say to be home alone for 7 hours would be the easiest choice for me, but life’s not about just me. Two of my children wanted to stay home after being in the public school system. Two of my children have never stayed home and want to go to school. My oldest was homeschooled until fourth grade and he loves public school (he’s now a sophomore).
We are not a cult. Our children are smart. They also have friends.

Yes, homeschooling isn’t always easy but the benefits are so worth me having to re learn things I haven’t done in years. It takes MY time and find the right workbooks & to search online for printouts. I could be watching Dr. Phil, but NO, I’m teaching my children about the American Revolution while I’m learning how to do calculus.
We teach our children independence. They don’t have to be in a group of 25 others following a curriculum. Me and my girls laugh and have fun. They voice their opinions and are thinking for themselves. They can be as creative as they want. Their not in a box having to do something one way. It’s awesome to be able to do this for them and with them.
My children will be grown and gone from my home soon enough. It’s my job to provide and protect them to the best of my ability. That’s what I’m doing. To judge all homeschooled children as weird or wrong is your own ignorance.
To all those homeschooling or going to homeschool, I wish you the best. -M.O.M.

Homeschooling is the most exciting movement in education today! It’s not exactly new; up until 1850 most children in America were educated at home. But the past 25 years have seen a revival in homeschooling, and now between two and three million children in the United States are learning at home. was created to empower parents to create the ideal school for their child at home!’s founding principle is to consistently provide resources, information, and support to all homeschooling families.

“…between two and three million children in the United States are learning at home…”
Homeschooling is poised for explosive growth, and with that growth comes the responsibility to embrace the incredible diversity of families that choose to homeschool. supports each family’s unique approach to preparing their children for success! Explore and let us help you… from getting started homeschooling to helping your young adult go out into the world!

Home-schooling strikes a chord with me.

I have a huge amount of respect for those who home-school their children. People who home-school don’t sit back and take whatever government delivers, rather they put it upon themselves to educate their children.

And now home-schoolers are getting respect from US colleges and universities. According to at least one source, homeschoolers have now matriculated at over 900 different colleges and universities, including institutions with highly selective standards of admission such as the US military academies, Rice University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University, Brown University, Dartmouth College, and Princeton University. Source: Homeschoolers find university doors open

However opposition to homeschooling include some organizations of teachers and school districts. The National Education Association, a United States teachers’ union and professional association, opposes homeschooling. Sources:”Homeschooling“. and “Homeschooling: A Growing Option in American Education

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