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Spreading Sh-Mit

February 14, 2012

First there was the absolutely horrible website, now there’s Both sites are in Google and Bing search engine databases. Both sites say some horrible things in describing what they call a byproduct of the candidate.

What kind of politics is this? Why do Google and Bing even index such filth. How do supporters explain to their children not to search for information on some presidential candidates? The act of putting up a vulger page is bad enough.

Putting these websites in Google and Bing Search engine databases and then resolving this filth on page one or two of search results is wrong on so many levels. How does this better your product? It doesn’t in my book.

What if someone started a website called What if the definition was 1. To sh-mit on peoples names in search results.

I bet it wouldn’t be long until that little turd was taken down.

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  1. Kyle permalink*
    February 14, 2012 3:47 pm

    It seems like such a feeble attempt to slander or be funny. I get tired of the slandering that politics has come to. If only people were able to stop using Google and Bing to show our disgust.

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