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Breitbart Was Critical, Now I am too!

March 23, 2012

I never met Andrew, but feel like I lost a brother. He was a compatriot and fellow citizen journalist. He was fighting a war against apathy, distortions and barriers to the real truth in the media and in government. He exposed the truth about main stream media siding with one political party over the other in ways that struck a chord with many of us.

Andrew was just 43 years old yet he was critical in mind and spirit, challenging the media and holding journalists accountable. Andrew inspired me and citizen journalist like me to challenge our local city and school governments too. Also to question the lack of local media news reporting. Andrew led by example with speeches, tweets, blogs, protest, and outright fearlessness.

Andrew helped reinforce my right to be critical about federal, state local politics. With Brietbart, I have new found enthusiasm to participate in citizen journalism and to encourage other posters to do the same. (See Main Street Monroe’ The Voice). We as a community have been critical of our fiscal watch school district, our city spending on an un-winnable lawsuit, and much, much more. Like Brietbart, we have been shouted down, threatened and castigated by those with differing opinions. Still, after 12 years in Monroe and numerous Monroe administrations, and Monroe news reporters, our site, Main Street Monroe, prevails.

Andrew Brietbart is already greatly missed. But in many ways he is even more inspiring.

I will always be critical thanks to ‘Andrew the Fearlessness and Right.’

God rest your soul.

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  1. Bob Fanning permalink
    October 25, 2012 3:03 am

    I knew Andrew and shared the same stage with him. Go to Youtube in their search engine and put in Robert Fanning ,Andrew Breitbart

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