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Shaming the Shamers

July 29, 2016


So the conventions are over, and the Democrats are extolling their “better” convention and presenting as proof the various articles written in support of this narrative as coming from hardline conservative writers.

Whether you support Trump or Clinton (which I realize “support” is a strong word when you consider both have unfavorable ratings approaching 60%), you have to admit passions and tempers are running high.

What strikes me is the “shame” inflicted upon Trump supporters by Clinton supporters. “You could vote for that man? Go wash your mouth out with soap!” or “Nancy, you are taking an irresponsible risk with the country. You might not care, but that is in fact what you are doing.” Or, there are those who quote Bible passages that puts them on the moral high ground. Shame, shame, shame. You bad person you.

I don’t go around shaming anyone for their vote. Every person sees the world differently. My view is encapsulated in this WSJ editorial called “Hope Without Change.”

Some passages:
“Voters have seen enough of this national figure since 1992 to understand how she cuts ethical corners and then stonewalls and dissembles when discovered. This is why some 68% of the country believes she isn’t honest or trustworthy.”

“If voters do decide they’re ‘with her,’ no one can claim they didn’t know what they were getting—the same policies that have produced slow growth and stagnant incomes, and no doubt more scandal.”

“This campaign has been so volatile for both parties because of pent-up frustration over slow growth. The Democratic establishment has responded by amplifying the same preoccupation with inequality that contributed to the inertia. Rather than the growth that allows everyone to rise, Democrats have doubled down on redistribution economics, high taxation and heavy regulation.”

“Mrs. Clinton’s project is even more progressive than Mr. Obama’s. Believe it or not, there are still subsidy gaps in the cradle-to-grave entitlement state, and this is a candidate who regularly talks about the programs she wants to create for “ages 0 to 5.”

“A partial list includes another burst of spending allegedly earmarked for public works; wage controls for higher federal minimum, overtime, family leave and “equal” pay; a right to child care; “free” college; a Medicare-like public health insurance option and administrative prices for new drugs; and nearly doubling the top tax rate on long-term capital gains to 43.4% from 23.8%. Anyone who thinks these policies will get better results than 2007-2016 hasn’t paid attention.”

“Much of this could be blocked if the GOP holds the House. But Congress would matter less than it once did because Mrs. Clinton will attempt to govern through executive fiat as Mr. Obama has. In May she promised to extend the President’s partial suspension of immigration law—blocked by the Supreme Court—to all illegal aliens ‘with sympathetic cases if Congress refuses to act.’”

“The courts could stop some of this lawlessness, though they are increasingly stocked with progressive jurists who vote their political preferences. The Supreme Court will soon follow if Mrs. Clinton takes the White House.”

“Then there are the scandals that always follow the Clintons. Hillary began her career with a near-1000% return on cattle futures brokered by an Arkansas crony. Thirty years later her Clinton Foundation received donations from foreign governments and business magnates while she was Secretary of State. Her private email server, about which she lied for months, potentially exposed state secrets to U.S. adversaries. The surest bet in politics is that there will be more such abuses if she and the Clinton menagerie regain the levers of executive power.”

“Democrats this week have made a theme of her experience on foreign policy, but what genuine achievements can she point to? As New York Senator, Mrs. Clinton voted for the Iraq war in 2003, then tried to prevent the 2007 surge when the political tide ran out. As Secretary of State, she helped to lead Mr. Obama’s global retreat, which has left the world more dangerous than any time since the Cold War ended.”

“Mrs. Clinton took a flyer on Mr. Obama’s failed Russian “reset” but now says Vladimir Putin is an existential foe. She championed the premature withdrawal of troops from Iraq that allowed Islamic State to develop, and her plan to defeat ISIS amounts to an assertion that she has a plan to defeat ISIS. She advocated invading Libya on the covert advice of her longtime plumber Sidney Blumenthal, who had been banned from the Administration by President Obama. Sid will be back as a Hillary counselor.”

I’m voting for Donald Trump – warts and all – because 1) without borders we have no country, and our open borders are allowing in drugs and people who want to do us harm and fill jobs we should be filling, 2) Trump will nominate far more conservative Supreme Court justices than Hillary Clinton, and 3) I’m as sick of politicians as you are.

So, I’d like to say stop with the shaming and understand our concerns are real, and your candidate isn’t so great either. What she’s selling, I’m not buying.

This article was written by Nancy Nix via Facebook. Reprinted with permission.

Nancy Nix, CPA is the Treasurer of Butler County, Ohio.  Treasurer Nix is frequently asked to speak at professional and civic organizations in Butler County, including Hamilton, Middletown, and Fairfield Rotary Clubs, Lindenwald and Oxford Kiwanis Clubs, Princeton Manufactured Homes Association, and the Ohio Businesswomen’s Keys to Success Awards Luncheon. She has presented to State of Ohio House and Senate Committees, and to the City Councils of Fairfield, Middletown, and Hamilton.

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