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People to NYT: You don’t print FACTS

November 23, 2016

The New York Times advertised today on Facebook: Get the facts you need with The New York Times


John Penhalegon
Won’t find it at the New York Times. Real Journalism, that is.

Charles Mosteller
Real bias, not real journalism. The New York Times used to be the apex of journalism. These days, it is in free fall. Such a pity too!

It’s embrace of bias in its reporting and in its editorializing has led it down the path of institutional irrelevance. Donald Trump being elected President of the United States isn’t nearly as bad as the New York Times selling out its journalistic soul.

It has no business taking sides in politics. It should rise to the occasion – each time, every time. Yet, it’s been in a free fall for a long, long time. It has gotten worse, not better. Why subscribe to a newspaper that personifies bias?

What an utter waste of talent! The New York Times staff has talent in spades, yet the newspaper squanders that, its biggest asset. And for what? Fleeting political gain. It ends up with egg all over its face, and its antics and escapades in its political reporting rival any antics engaged in by Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or anyone else.

The New York Times should personify journalistic integrity and objectivity in its reporting and in its editorializing. Period! When the newspaper cuts corners in those areas, it lays the foundation for its own undoing. There are enough tabloids, and they have their place in the overall scheme of things. The New York Times has become less trustworthy than the tabloids – not in every way, but in some ways, some very fundamental ways. Get back up, dust yourselves off, and get the Times back on track. It will serve you well over the long run, if you do.


Marolyn James Stocks
From the NY Times? I thought the NYT was vanity press for the DNC. How surprising.

Karen Brauer
Is the NYT under totally new management, with an entirely new staff? I’d change the name if NYT were to start practicing journalism.


Wilbur Sanko
The propaganda wing of the Democrat party.



Bryan Sexton
I wouldn’t wrap my fish in the NYT.

Mike Kindred
This is a joke right…a meme even…ridiculous

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