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Ignoreland 2014

January 19, 2014
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From Ignoreland: “They are wrecking all things virtuous and true, and TV tells a million lies. The paper’s terrified to report.”  It sounds like Stipe is talking about the Mainstream Media and New York Times today.

REM members Berry, Buck, Mills and Lead Singer Stipe wrote. “Ignoreland” a rambling, nonsensical protest song against Conservative Politics of Reagan and Bush I. The song could be applied to the Obama Administration just as easily today.

These bastards stole their power from the victims of the Us v. Them years, Wrecking all things virtuous and true The undermining social democratic downhill slide into abysmal

These first few lines could have been written by Hillary Clinton 2008. She doing so well in the autumn of 2007 when she was leading by a wide margin, all other Democratic candidates in national polls. But by March of 2008, Obama was undermining Hillary’s vision of social democracy. Obama was wrecking all things virtuous and true like Hillary’s presidency being sent into an abyss.

They hypnotised the summer, 1979 Marched into the capital brooding duplicitous, wicked and able, media-ready, Heartless, and labeled. Super US citizen, super achiever, Mega ultra power doesn’t relax.

Americans were hypnotized again in the summer of 2008 when Obama was labeled a media ready, Super US citizen, a super achiever. He never relaxed, even plays basketball and golf all the time.

Anything that isn’t handed on a presidential spoon, I’m just profoundly frustrated by all this.

Many are profoundly frustrated about spying, lying, Obamacare and the spoon many in the media hand him.

If they wasn’t there we would have created them. Maybe, it’s true, But I’m resentful all the same. Someone’s got to take the blame I know that this is vitriol. No solution, spleen venting, But I feel better having screamed. Don’t you?

Best ‘anger management’ practice says …just scream, you’ll feel better even in 2014. Resentful all the same, trapped in circumstance they they were promised would not happen. “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.” Was nothing short of an outright lie. I need to scream again. Don’t you?

Defense, defense, defense, defense. Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland Yeah, yeah, yeah, ignoreland. Yeah, yeah, yeah I did not do the revolution Thank you

I did not do the revolution, I just like to sing this part. Ignoreland, yeah, yeah yeah!


Where Was The Commander-n-Chief For 8 Hours? A Case for Maladministration

July 6, 2013

Here is the fact, Benghazi’s smoking gun if you will; only the president, the Commander-in-Chief can give the Cross-Border-Authority, he is the only person who has the authority to give or deny the CBA. This puts the spotlight directly where it should be, without any of the conjecture, back story of motive or intent. The buck really does stop with the President, the Commander-in-Chief.

via Where Was The Commander-n-Chief For 8 Hours? A Case for Maladministration.

IRS Has Little or No Constitutional Training

May 23, 2013

Fourth graders  celebrated Constitution Day by recognizing the rights, privileges and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship

I thought every American could recite at least the first two amendments of the constitution.

A whole class of Ohio 4th Graders know more about the constitution than Doug Shulman, the IRS Commissioner who was at the helm when his IRS employees violated several constitutional amendments of United States.


During the House Oversight Committee’s second IRS hearing on Wednesday, Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) asked former IRS Commissioner Doug Shulman if he knew the first, second and 19th Amendments to the Constitution.

Rep Bentivolio was trying to determine if the IRS required any Constitutional training at all. The answer is clearly a no. No there is absolutely no training at all. And worse yet from the top down everyone in the IRS needs formal constitutional training. 

Here is the text of the embarrassing exchange where the former head of the  IRS proves he knows nothing about the rights of US citizens.

“Did you study the Constitution?” Bentivolio asked.

“I went to law school,” Shulman responded.

“You went to law school. Did you study the Constitution?”

“I believe I took Constitutional law, but I’m not prepared to take an exam at this time,” Shulman said with a chuckle. “Meaning I’ll answer any of your question but I can’t promise that I’m an expert.”

“Well, you know the First, Second Amendment and one of my favorites, the 19th, right? You know those?” Bentivolio asked.

“Excuse me,” a seemingly confused Shulman responded.

“You know those amendments. The Constitutional amendments,” Bentivolio said matter of factly. “You know the First, you know the Second, and you know the 19th.”

“I don’t necessarily have the Constitution memorized, sir.”

“Okay, well, they’re pretty general in what each one is. Like the First Amendment is the freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and freedom to petition the government for a redress of grievances. First Amendment, right?”

“I really can’t recite the Constitution, sir,” Shulman concluded.

I’m appalled! The former head of the IRS may have been involved in the infringement of Tea Party groups’ constitutional rights by not approving their legal right for tax exempt status ! Specifically denying applications on the basis of Tea Party politics may be denying Tea Party groups’ rights of free speech (1st Amendment), the right to bear arms (2nd Amendment) and perhaps even the right to vote on the basis of sex (19th Amendment). (Addl’ Ref: Face of the Tea party is female)

Here we have evidence of repression of Tea Party political groups from the most powerful agency of the executive branch.

The constitution of the United States is law. The IRS is part of the Executive Branch of government. Essentially if the buck stopped with the president, as it did when Truman held office, the president would responsible for failing to have his people uphold the constitution.  The president needs to do the right thing. Heads need to roll at the IRS, criminal charges should be considered for those involved.

Instead no one is responsible, no one is held responsible, heck no one even knows the laws they are sworn to uphold! Is it a coincidence that those being denied were political enemies of the Obama administration?

Marketplace Fairness Act is Unfair to SMBs

April 28, 2013

Who will enforce the collection of all these new taxes on small business?

The Marketplace Fairness Act, best known as the Internet Sales Tax would be too burdensome on the small business like mine. Most sales from small internet companies are just a few dollars in lots of different places.

To require sale tax recordkeeping, collection and distribution of sales tax in the thousands of sales and use taxing districts throughout the United States is far too burdensome for all small companies.

It takes hours to complete forms for California alone. How much time is it reasonable to ask the small businessman to spend on collecting taxes? How much business will be lost if there is no economic advantage to doing business with the small businessman?

Many of California’s cities, counties, towns, and communities have special taxing jurisdictions (districts), which impose a transactions (sales) and use tax. These districts increase the tax rate in a particular area by adding the district tax to the combined statewide rate of 7.50%. The rates for these districts range from 0.10% to 1.00% per district. More than one district tax may be in effect in a given location.
As a seller or a consumer, you may be required to report and pay district taxes for your taxable sales and purchases. Source: California Board of Equalization

How complex it it to pay sales tax? In California for example there are 6 pages of ‘special tax rates,’ that every penny of every sales has to be accounted for, collected and then individually accounted for when paying. Any mistakes will be penalized.

California Sales TaxHave you ever paid sales tax to California? Every quarter they torture you with the complex long accountability form that takes these 5 pages of rates into account. But its not that easy because there are taxing districts and taxing zones. I don’t know how anyone can figure this stuff out.

Click on the form to the left to download the PDF of the

California District Taxes, Rates and Effective Dates…. Poetry

California isn’t the only state with multiple tax jurisdictions.

It is far less burdensome to place the burden of paying USE TAX rather than requiring companies to collect and pay SALES TAX.

If states want to collect tax, let them collect these taxes directly from it’s citizens. Use taxes are functionally equivalent to sales taxes.

There is no reason to make a federal case out of states sales tax. The feds should stay out. Let each individual state decide what is a fair… tax sales or use or neither. Then the citizens can decide where they want to live or who they want to vote for.

However if congress does decide to go through with the insane legislation, make it fair to the smallest of companies. ” ..if Congress passes online sales tax legislation, we believe small businesses with less than 50 employees or less than $10 million in annual out-of-state sales should be exempt from the burden of collecting sales taxes nationwide.” Ebay President John Donahoe

Workers Won’t Pay Their “Fair Share Fees”

December 11, 2012
Unions ask President Trueman for Veto of Taft Hartley

Unions ask President Truman for Veto of Taft-Hartley.   Truman did veto the bill but congress overrode his veto.

Before Congress passed the Taft–Hartley Act in 1947, unions and employers covered by the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) could lawfully agree to a CLOSED shop, in which employees at unionized workplaces MUST be members of the union as a condition of employment.

Before the Taft-Hartley workers who stopped paying UNION DUES could be fired, even if the worker didn’t violate any of the company rules, regulations or policies.

After Taft–Hartley the closed shop was against the law. Bottom Line, Taft-Hartley made it illegal to force a worker to join a union.

HOWEVER, workers in non-right-to-work states can be required to pay union fees. Nonmembers required to pay union fees as a condition of employment have a right under the NLRA to object and obtain a reduction of their compulsory payments so that they do not include union expenses for purposes other than collective bargaining, contract administration, and grievance adjustment.

Workers in right-to-work states, except on certain federal property, have the right to not join the union and cannot be required to pay dues or an agency fee. This brings up the problem called ‘FAIR SHARE FEES’. unless non-union employees pay fair share fees, they are benefiting from collective bargaining without paying union dues.

In right to work states, collective bargaining services provided to non-union members are being subsidized by paying union members. Non-union workers wouldn’t be paying their FAIR SHARE.

FAIR SHARE….Where have I heard that before? President Obama is being quoted as saying, “Right-to-work law pending in Michigan’s Republican-run legislature don’t have to do with economics. They have everything to do with politics.”

President Obama is being critical of workers AND billionaires alike for not paying their FAIR SHARE. Is President Obama playing ‘fair share’ politic in not allowing EVERYONE the right to work?

Note: Michigan will likely become the 24th right-to-work state as early as tomorrow. Workers there who don’t join the union and won’t pay union fees will not be paying their FAIR SHARE….


November 6, 2012

November, 6, 2012

Andrea K. Robson

Legacy: anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor, or predecessor.

We have a rich history and legacy handed down by our Founding Fathers.  We have the legacy of a Republic, a government of the people, by the people and for the people, a government where the ultimate authority resides with the people.

I wonder, what our Founding Fathers would think about the current state of the Republic. What would they think of what we have done with this Miracle that changed the world? How would they react to the current events, what would they think of our free press and it’s reporting, or lack thereof?

What we see happening, in this country is exactly like Pravda in Russia! The Liberal Propaganda machine is in FULL swing! The Main Stream Media (MSM) has been anything but present in this country during the past four years, and at present they are making a political effort to simply run the clock out on the real issues, the issues that matter  most to American’s, to everyday ordinary American’s. Where has the MSM been on the Benghazi issue? Not a word, only silence.

After being slammed in the debate, and having the horror of four American’s Murdered under his watch looming over his head, Obama is going to do anything and everything he can to discredit Mitt Romney in these final days, and lying is just the tip of the iceberg! Obama is an avowed Marxist, he has very strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood; Obama does not care about you, Obama does not care about America, and he could care less about the four American’s that lost their lives in Benghazi! These men are nothing more than an annoyance to him, something that is further muddying the waters of his re-election.

Now we have the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and the devastation she left behind and the President is using this, as he has used the death of Bin Laden as a political photo op, a political prize!   A way to look presidential?  Well, personally, I say too little too late Mr. President!  There are people suffering, who need gas, need food, need water, who are trapped in neighborhoods without anything! They need clothing, they need help and the President is doing nothing other than getting on his bully pulpit, telling everyone that things are going well and FEMA is on top of it all! Remember he stated, “we will cut through red tape,” and then soon after making that statement, non-union crews from Alabama were turned away by New Jersey;  Really! We have folks suffering without power, heat, water and they are turning away help because they are NOT union workers!  Shocking! It is way too early for the President to be patting himself on the back, pounding on his chest and taking credit.  Instead of trying to score political points; it is time to focus on the issue at hand, getting help to the folks that need the help! But then, why should these individuals expect anything different then what was offered and afforded to those four men in Benghazi?

What about Benghazi? The only folks reporting on Benghazi are Fox News. Where is the MSM? Once again they remain silent on an issue that has dwarfed Watergate, and made Watergate look like child’s play, more of the same, silence. The President has refused to take questions on Benghazi; he has not taken the time from his busy campaign schedule to hold a single press conference on this issue. As the days go by information continues to drip like a runny faucet about that fateful night on September 11, in Benghazi, and the horrific circumstances of the deaths of four American’s.

In a desperate attempt to regain lost ground, President Obama was able to manage to find time in his busy campaign schedule to arrange a photo op as the hurricane bore down on the East Coast; the picture showing the President in the Situation Room, receiving an update on the hurricane.  Where the hell was the President when those four men in Benghazi needed him, he was in the Situation Room watching the live streaming video! Where’s the photo op of that Mr. President?

So what is the message we leave for the next generation, what is the legacy we pass forward? What will they write about our generation in the history books? That we were the generation that lost its honor, its dignity? That we were the generation that had no scruples, that were so self-absorbed, so self-centered, so into self-gratification that we did not bother to hold our elected officials, and indeed our President accountable for the deaths of four American’s, that we did not hold our President accountable for Treason? Or do we leave the message to future generations, and future Presidents, that we will pursue what is right and just, by holding accountable and punishing those involved to the fullest extent of the law?

I leave you with a quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero, the Founders favorite expositor of Natural Law, “Therefore law [of the Creator] is the distinction between things just and unjust, made in agreement with that primal and most ancient of all things, Nature; and in the conformity to Nature’s standard are framed those human laws which inflict punishment upon the wicked and protect the good.”

Copyright 2012

The Politics Of Critical Mass – Why Romney Wins!

November 5, 2012

Critical Mass – An amount or level needed for a specific result or new action to occur.

Close elections are won or lost in the final weeks. No election is ever won without Critical Mass.

On a cold Friday night, November 2nd, 2012, Mitt Romney held an outdoor rally in West Chester, Oho. It kicked off around 6:00 P.M. with a 30 minute performance by Kid Rock.

According to the the local fire department the crowd size was estimated to be between 30,000 – 35,000.

Speaking that night were some of the Republican Party’s most notable figures including: Vice Presidential Candidate Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), Ohio Senatorial Candidate Josh Mandel, Sen. John McCain (AZ), Sen. Marco Rubio (FL), Rudy Giuliani (Former Mayor of NY), Gov. John Kasich (OH), The Speaker of the House John Boehner (OH), Sen. Rob Portman (OH), Rep. Arthur Davis (AL), Gov. Bob McDonnell (VA), to name a few.

Other’s on stage that night but not speaking included Gov. Rick Perry (TX), Gov. Bobby Jindal (LA), Rick Santorum (PA), and many more.

The speeches were fiery and full of passion with Rudy Giuliani and John McCain hitting the president hard on the cover up in Benghazi and the country’s high unemployment. An Obama campaign spokesman would later describe the event as, “Speaker after speaker offered angry, hyper partisan, and widely-debunked attacks that—at times—veered into conspiracy theory territory”. Which has become the standard liberal response to all conservative commentary that hits too close to home.

In contrast to these events in West Chester, President Obama who was also in Ohio that day, he held a rally indoors at a High School Gym in Springfield. After a good deal of effort I could  find no estimate of the crowd size (It was in a High School Gym so I guess we can just imagine).  I can find no list of guest speakers. I can find nothing except the President’s quote “Voting is the best revenge”. Which makes me wonder, who’s angry? But I digress.

As stark as the contrast is between these two Ohio rallies that occurred on the same day, it is not an isolated example. This story of giant Romney Rallies, and Obama’s trouble filling a venue, has been repeated all across the country in the last few weeks.

It’s become so embarrassing for the president that last weekend one off his top advisers told the media that the president is focusing on “smaller, more intimate venues”.  Perhaps because “Fireside Chats” worked out so well for former president Jimmy Carter?

So what can explain this? Perhaps the president’s non stop campaigning over the years has simply caused his base to lose interest. Perhaps it’s the malaise of the economy and the president’s increasingly difficult task to escape responsibility for it. Perhaps it’s the lack of anything “historic” about this election. Or, perhaps it’s the realization by many voters that this president has simply failed.

The point to this comparison is, that for what ever the reason, Critical Mass in this final day before the election is not with this president, it is with the challenger, Mitt Romney. If I am wrong, by tomorrow night we will be listening to Barack Obama’s victory speech, if I am right, his concession speech.

And the difference will shape this nation for generations to come.